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The robot's operator wears a 3D display helmet, which relays the robot's entire field of view. A set of headphones transmit what the robot can hear. More than just an extra pair of hands, sensors on Telesar's fingers measure and deliver touch sensations to the operator, making it possible to use the robot as a touchy feely surrogate. With the Telesar V robot, for instance, you can actually feel the shape and temperature of objects, as well as surface unevenness like that of the bumps on the tops of LEGO blocks.

Think of the implications for the medical field: A doctor or surgeon could remotely interact with a patient at a distant office, or perhaps an even more distant patient in an undeveloped country. Or perhaps the technology could be used in space exploration, to forage the surface of distant planets without actually requiring a human on the ground. Other dangerous situations like bomb discovery or disarming could be made much safer if bomb squads were equipped with their own Telesar V stand-ins.

Some nifty telepresence robots — similar to telexistence, but less immersive — are already available in the U. To achieve this, we apply to fundamental tools of control theory. In these cases, the robot uses its entire body, i. Again, the robot uses its entire body, i. In emergency responce scenrarios, the capacity of jumping may be fundamental to skip obtacles and to recover balancing quickly.

To detect and measure the walking and manipulation characteristics of the human being teleoperating the robot we use the Cyberith virtualiser combined with the Oculus Rift. Scroll up and see the first video of this page to have a feeling of the capacities we can transfer onto and from the humanoid robot while accomplishing teleoperation tasks. Home Research Axis Telexistence. This result confirms the importance of the proposed spatially distributed tactile feedback.

Telexistence inc. Won the Early Edge Award in the JST Award for Academic Startups 2018

Result of the evaluation of the track-tracing task. The horizontal and vertical axes represent the haptic condition and the trajectory error, respectively. By integrating electrotactile and force displays, we constructed a multi-fingered robotic hand master-slave system named Haptic Telexistence. Our system consists of four devices, namely, a multi-fingered slave hand, a finger-shaped haptic sensor for the slave hand, an exoskeleton encounter-type master hand, and electrotactile display Fig.

We mounted the electrotactile display on a multi-fingered master hand Nakagawara, et al. This hand has two features. The other is the encounter-type force feedback.

Telexistence Robot H lets you see, hear, and feel through it

We set the electrotactile display on the tips of each finger mechanism. This hand has 15 DOFs — five DOFs for the thumb, one for abduction of other fingers, three for the index finger, and two for the remaining fingers. Each fingertip has an independent DOF, and the index finger and the thumb can be moved in opposite directions. Therefore, a pinching operation by the fingertip is possible. In addition, we developed a finger-shaped haptic sensor Sato, et al.

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GelForce is a haptic sensor that measures the distribution of both the magnitude and the direction of force. The master-slave manipulation is realized by bilateral position control of the multi-fingered slave hand and the encounter-type master hand. This control is exercised from the position of the master and slave fingers.

The position is calculated using the angle of each finger joint. The refresh rate of the control is 1 kHz. Therefore, we can operate the multi-fingered slave hand smoothly and perceive sufficient force sensation. When the slave hand touches an object, the finger-shaped GelForce mounted on the slave hand acquires haptic information such as the distribution of the magnitude and the direction of force.

Then, this information is transmitted to the master system. The electrotactile display provides a tactile sensation on the basis of this information. Information regarding the distribution of the force is obtained from the pin location which provides electrostimulus. Subsequently, information regarding the magnitude of the force at each position is obtained form the strength of electrostimulus.

As a result, we can feel the field, edge, peak, and the movement of an object. By integrating these force and tactile sensations, we can perceive the exact shape and stiffness of the object. This enables highly realistic interactions with remote objects. Figure 14 represents the Haptic Telexistence system designed by us. During the exhibitions, approximately one thousand participants used this system. The participants could feel an object being touched with the finger of slave hand due to the electrotactile and force feedbacks. In addition, many participants pointed out that the Haptic Telexistence system is a useful technology for tele-communication and tele-manipulation in fields such as relesurgery.

In the future, we will evaluate the haptic telexistence system from the viewpoint of efficiency of transmission of haptic information and tele-manipulation. In this chapter, we described a robotic system that enables us to interact with a remote human or object. We proposed the integration of electrotactile and force feedback for dexterous tele-manipulation.

The electrotactile feedback can provide spatially distributed tactile sensation; therefore, we consider that the integration of electrotactile and force feedback is effective in perceiving the shape of an object and in manipulating it.

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We have confirmed the effectiveness of the electrotactile feedback and constructed a multi-fingered telexistence system named Haptic Telexistence. In the future, we plan to provide more object properties such as texture and temperature. Not only will we be able to shake hands with people at remote locations but we will be able to feel the warmth of their hands.

In the case of internet shopping, we will be able to check the texture of an article before purchase.

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We expect that the Haptic Telexistence system will dramatically improve the human interaction with a remote object. Licensee IntechOpen. Help us write another book on this subject and reach those readers. Login to your personal dashboard for more detailed statistics on your publications. Edited by Daisuke Chugo.

Virtual reality: visual and tactile 3D display for telexistence avatar

Edited by Matthias Hackel. We are IntechOpen, the world's leading publisher of Open Access books. Built by scientists, for scientists. Our readership spans scientists, professors, researchers, librarians, and students, as well as business professionals. Downloaded: First, we will summarize the requirements for the tactile feedback display intended for dexterous manipulations; the requirements are as follows: The display should provide a highly realistic and intuitive touch sensation, i.

Integration of electrotactile and force displays 2. Electrotactile display The electrotactile display that we have developed Kajimoto, et. Force display The force display presents the reactive and friction force on object surfaces. Electrotactile feedback for shape recognition The electrotactile display may help perceive the shape of an object. Efficiency of electrotactile feedback First, we evaluated the efficiency of electrotactile feedback for shape recognition. Experiments were conducted under six conditions as follows: C1. Pushing with electrotactile feedback C2. Pushing with force feedback C3.

Pushing with electrotactile and force feedbacks C4. Tracing with electrotactile feedback C5. Tracing with force feedback C6.