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Mathematical and Scientific Computation.

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Mathematical and Scientific Computation The mathematical and scientific computation major is the ideal choice for students who are interested in the interplay between mathematical theory and modern computational tools for applications. Real World Outcomes:. Department Website Detailed Major Requirements.

The Wonderful World of Scientific Computing with Python - SciPy 2014 - David Sanders

Advisor Name:. Malina Gillies-Doherty. Advisor Email:. This program is fulfilled with a series of computational classes, and culminated with an individual project that utilizes computation to address a scientific inquiry.

Certificate in Scientific Computation

Course requirements depend on which undergraduate catalog the certificate is being pursued under. Please note the minimum grade requirements specified at the bottom of each document:.

Note: All Topics courses must receive prior approval to be included in the certificate coursework. The culminating requirement for the Certificate in Scientific Computation is that you conduct original research and write a research paper on some aspect of scientific computation.

Mathematical and Scientific Computation

The paper might present original work or discuss a new technique. This original project should clearly apply the tools and techniques of computation to a scientific discipline in the pursuit of new knowledge. Please read through the following documents for a description of the research paper process and information on how to register for the SDS research course:.

Q : What are the requirements?

Academic Certificate in Scientific Computation - Curriculum 283

Graham Paul N. Hilfinger William M. Turing Award: William M. Kahan, Yelick, William M.

Scientific computing

James Demmel, Susan L. Graham, Katherine A.

Berkeley Citation: Susan L. Sloan Research Fellow: Michael Lustig,